• Alibaba GDT Curriculum


    GDT program equips member institutions with up-to-date educational material including academic framework, pre-prepared PowerPoints, case studies, case videos, leading industry research reports, curated reading materials, and the GDT Cross-Border eCommerce Simulation Platform.

  • Alibaba GDT Institution


    GDT Program has been collaborating with universities and training institutions worldwide to promote digital transformation and inclusive development through education, and enables universities, training institutions and students around the world to access insights, skills, and opportunities within the current and future digital era.

  • Alibaba GDT Certification


    Participants in Alibaba GDT programs are eligible to take certifications of Digital Transformation and Digital Entrepreneurship programs, and obtain GDT Membership and GDT Practitioner certificate upon successful completion of each certification.


To Promote Digital Transformation and Inclusive Development through Education

Mission Statement