Introduction to GDT Curriculum

Alibaba GDT Curriculum consists of two academic programs: Digital Transformation and Digital Entrepreneurship. Based on three types of insight, the programs are distilled from the integration of the business experiences from Alibaba, businesses within its ecosystem and cutting-edge research from global research institutes and think tanks, including Alibaba Research Institute (AliResearch) and Luohan Academy.

Conceptual Insight:

Digital Business Methods and Concepts


Conceptual insights cover the continuous advancement of theories, concepts and methodologies developed, and used by entrepreneurs and businesses across the digital economy.

Experiential Insight:

Cross-Border eCommerce Business Simulation


More than twenty years of professional experience in cross-border eCommerce management is translated into experiential insights offered through a comprehensive cross-border eCommerce simulation platform experience.

Commercial Insight:

Contemporary Case Studies

Commercial insights based on real-life contemporary case studies of entrepreneurs, the experiences of Alibaba and its ecosystem partners as well as other digital businesses across the globe.

Digital Entrepreneurship Program

Digital Entrepreneurship Program aims to foster digital practitioner capabilities of business acumen, holistic view of business, mission-driven mindset, resources integration, trial-and- error, digital marketing, data analysis, and ability to raise funds and pitch to investment, through project-based learning methodology and business simulation experience.

Topic 1:

Holistic View of Business 

Topic 2:

Human-Centric Product & Service Development Process

Topic 3:

Mission-Driven Entrepreneurship

Topic 4:

Digital Marketing

Topic 5:

Pitching and Raising Early Stage Investment for Digital Business

Academic Resources

GDT program equips member institutions with up-to-date educational material including academic framework, pre-prepared PowerPoints, case studies, case videos, leading industry research reports, curated reading materials, and the GDT Cross-Border eCommerce Simulation Platform.