Introduction to GDT Certification

As an inclusive force for change across the globe, Alibaba GDT Program aims to develop the entrepreneurs, innovators and doers of tomorrow by enabling them to take charge of the rapid digital transformation of their countries. Thus, GDT Program establishes the certifications to recognize students participating into our programs at GDT member institutions. 


Participants who pass Digital Transformation Program are eligible to obtain the GDT Membership, becoming part of a global network of young people who have studied the digital economy. GDT Members 
•Are continuously updated on the latest insights and trends in the digital economy. 
•Can access entrepreneurship and business opportunities in the GDT ecosystem.
•Can join network events and conferences around the world.
•Are eligible to enroll in the GDT Digital Entrepreneurship program.

GDT Members who enroll in and pass the Digital Entrepreneurship program are awarded the GDT Practitioner Certificate, an endorsement from Alibaba, a leader in the digital economy. Certificate holders are highly recognized as Global Digital Practitioners with excellent qualifications to pursue the careers in the digital industries and have access to exclusive opportunities in the GDT ecosystem. 

The GDT Membership and Practitioner Certificates are issued as both downloadable electronic and block-chained certificate. Certificate holders can obtain and verify their certificates on the Alibaba GDT Certification Platform.